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Karl Castillo’s latest scam is the gold rush that is the cannabis CBD sector aka HEMP FARMS

If you’re reading this post no doubt Karl Castillo’s talk about the huge deals he has done and all the important people he knows has peaked your interest.

If you have to ask, something probably isn’t quite right.

When it comes to anything Karl Castillo tells you discount it by 99% and enjoy the story.

Karl Castillo’s latest scam is the gold rush that is the cannabis CBD sector.

Karl will have told you about how important he is in this business and that he owns 700 hectares of HEMP farms in Europe.  This is not true. While Karl may have visited a hemp farm once upon in a time, Karl has no ownership interest in any farm despite what he may tell you.

Karl Castillo is listed a Director of three UK companies that he tell you are in the CBD hemp business. Principya Ltd (dissolved), Hibaca Ltd (dissolved), and Green Global (never existed or if it does Karl has nothing to do with the Company despite using the name in his solicitations).

Company House shows an active company registration for Hibaca Holdings Ltd with the same directors as Hibaca ltd, but without Karl Castillo. Karl will tell you some plausible story about how he does not trust the directors James Badgett and John Hilton and the recently appointed Syed Khurram (5 October, 2020) and that he is doing his own deals, and that if it wasn’t for him there would be no hemp deals. This of course doesn’t make much sense but Karl will try to convince you that it does make sense.

Question:     Mr Karl. Have you made any money selling Hemp, CBD or anything else?

Answer:     Karl Castillo will no doubt tell you he has indeed sold hundreds of thousands of euros of cbd to big pharmaceutical companies and other resellers. Karl will then quickly move on and remind you that he owns several hundred hectares of CBD rich hemp farms, name drop heavily and talk about his friends living the high life and pretend he is too by association. This of course is not true.

Follow up question: Mr Karl. Well done. If you have completed these sales did you get paid?

Answer:     This is where Karl Castillo’s storytelling will get interesting. Mr Karl will not be able to provide you with any evidence that he has ever been paid for any of these deals. He will however be able to show you lots of irrelevant WhatsApp messages that Karl will try to use to demonstrate his importance in the deals he is trying to convince you about.

A favourite tact is that Karl will tell you he is waiting to get paid on the deal you are questioning him about.

Another favourite move is that Karl Castillo will blame some unsuspecting fellow with a Middle Eastern sounding name and tell you this man or woman is being shady and trying to rip him off. If you press Karl you will discover that Karl hardly knows this person and when you add up the pieces of the puzzle it will sound like Karl met this person randomly at a hotel bar in Mayfair and there is no real connection at all.

The sad irony is that sometimes it turns out that Karl is trying to con another conman who has told Karl he is a big time investor and the story will go in circles about who owes who money.

Don’t buy the story. It’s a red herring to distract you from his real purpose of grifting from you somehow.

Another favourite excuse is that Karl will tell you that he can’t prove he was paid because he was paid through another company or offshore entity that is not in his name that he doesn’t want to disclose.

Karl will tell you he has money in offshore bank accounts in UAE and Singapore. Maybe he does. Most likely he doesn’t. If he did, he would not be broke. To convince you of this Karl Castillo will even show you screenshots of bank statements that don’t belong to him.

Buyer beware. Do not rely on any information Karl shares with you unless you want to be made to look a fool.

Karl Castillo Personal Appointments London Scammer Owner Green Grey Group Hibaca
Karl posing in someone’s field lol


5 responses to “Karl Castillo’s latest scam is the gold rush that is the cannabis CBD sector aka HEMP FARMS”

  1. Salz Burg 🇦🇹

    Thanks for posting. You right this guy is a time waster. Karl Castillo is a clown.

  2. Top Manc 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    This Karl is such a f*cking wanker!! Me crew all know now his stories are just scams.

    1. Magic Brummagem 🇬🇧

      You so right @TopManc. Karl is a scummy hot potato! Drop him

    2. Cheadle Wood

      This Karl is a C*nt-n-a-half!

  3. Tuxtla Gutiérrez 🇲🇽

    In Mexico, we say of scammers like London’s Karl Castillo, “La mona aunque se vista de seda, mona se queda.” “Although a monkey dresses in silk, it stays a monkey.”

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