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Karl Rikki Castillo’s Desired Location: Barcelona’s Rich Russian Divorcee Club. More Scammer Tricks

The unsuccessful Tinder Swindler. Karl Rikki Castillo’s latest brag is that he has been dating a wealthy Russian blonde female divorcee based in Barcelona, Spain.

Never one to leave out the subtleties, Karl was really proud that he was the first Black man that this older Russian blonde woman had ever slept with.

In fact Karl was really excited to tell people that he was the first man that she had slept with since her divorce and that her Russian husband did not know how to make love to her properly.

Apparently, he thought her Russian ex-husband owns a car dealership and restaurants in Barcelona.

Karl was excitedly telling anyone who would listen to him that this wealthy woman wanted Karl to be the man in the relationship and manage all her money and business affairs.

Karl had fed this wealthy russian divorcee a series of stories that he was an international businessman and had a friend pay for his stay at a fancy suite in the 5-star Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, Italy.

Naturally Karl Castillo passed this luxury lifestyle off as being his own and went to work to gain the trust of this soon-to-be-poor unsuspecting woman that was already living a 5-star lifestyle.

In actual fact, for all who know Karl Castillo, he’s just a small time con artist that talks million euro deals that never happen.

Karl Castillo no doubt professed his love for the wealthy woman quickly, seeing an opportunity to flee his debtors and past indiscretions in the UK and start fresh with her in Barcelona.  Apparently this woman had a fear of flying so insisted on having her driver drive her to places in Europe.

Karl’s usual tricks are to tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how he is waiting on money for some huge deal or transaction, and can’t see her right now because he has to pay for various emergencies, hospital bills, rent, business or travel.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he has manipulated this woman into lending him money to cover him so they can be together while he waits to get paid from one of these deals.

Why all of the tricks? Simply put, Karl Castillo is looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, Karl Castillo’s romance scams may later process to involving his beloved victim in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: After Karl forms a “relationship,” he comes up with reasons to ask his love interest to set up a new bank account. At some point Karl might try to scam transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell his loved victims to wire the money out of the country. Karl’s victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realising they are aiding and abetting a crime.

If this has happened to you please comment below and let us know the details so we can publish and warn others. Names will be redacted to protect any information provided.

If you’re still not convinced, just watch this video that explains EXACTLY how Karl Castillo tries to take his victims through a compliance ladder of giving him small amounts of money and then escalating his asks.

I ain’t messing with no gold digger…But I ain’t messing with no broke….

Karl Castillo's Russian Divorcee Targets In Barcelona



Swipe Left. Karl Castillo's Russian Divorcee Targets In Barcelona
Swipe Left. Karl Castillo's Russian Divorcee Targets In Barcelona
Swipe Left. Karl Castillo's Russian Divorcee Targets In Barcelona


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15 responses to “Karl Rikki Castillo’s Desired Location: Barcelona’s Rich Russian Divorcee Club. More Scammer Tricks”

  1. i just comment on other post. Karl try to get with my brazilian girlfriend. she find out he nothing but lies. he pretend to be big important man but he worthless. nothing he say true. vamos

  2. Beauty Expert

    What a douche bag! He tried it on with my girlfriends. Nothing he said added up. He turned up driving different cars a few times but didnt seem to have enough money to even buy us a cup of coffee. He is a cheap skate, unless Karl brings a stupid guy friend with him that he gets to pay the bill, and then all of a sudden Karl is offering and pouring drinks like its going out of fashion.

  3. Gloria Next Top Model

    Son of a asshole! He is liar

  4. Nadine

    this makes me so sad. we all deserve love but taking advantage of a decent woman's heart strings make me sick! wheoever karl is scamming in barcelona, i hope she wakes up and cuts him loose before Karlito steals from her. he has no scrooples

  5. VIP Dave

    good for you Karl! whoeever wrote this no appreciate that we this is reparations for us black men. we deserve to get this money. let these white bish knows you still got it

    1. Oldbury Sand

      That’s right dave Get what you can Karl. To hell with these geez

  6. Nena Ma

    got this link by email. no surprise really. Never did believe a word Karl said. I always thought he was just trying to impress and flirt. He was always trying to get me to come dinners with my girlfriends with weird sleazy older middle Eastern and Indian guys that he told me I should meet as they can help my career. lol. no thanks

  7. Irina

    Trashy man, he make my skin crawl

  8. Shevy


  9. Majeed Kuwait

    Karl is a dirty scammer. He's the lowest of the low. He has screwed over or tried to scam so many people in london. If you come across anyone that knows of Karl's past, just ask them, and they will tell you he has the worst reputation.

  10. Sacha

    Karl. What a weasel! If another woman is stupid enough to fall for his crap, she must be a foolish desperado. I mean, look at this guy. Visually, Karl Castillo is a solid 3 out of 10. And that is being generous. Now let's subtract that he is a broke grown man, and his sexual market value to us women is no higher than 2/10. Avoid!!!!

    1. Monaco Club

      Ewww. So many comments! He’s a name-dropper too. Pity the guy really. I guess that’s the only way Karl thinks he can raise his value. He was always lying to me about how’s he knows important people and is doing big business and is very Important too. But whenever I saw him, he flinched at even buying a coffee for me. Why he thought I’d be interested in him is absurd. Still, I entertained him because he was always trying to get close to me by promising things to help my business that he would never do. Really in his pea brain he thought maybe I would sleep with him. He’s a loser!

      1. Svenska Luleå

        Ewww Karl is trying the same thing with one of my girlfriends. Fresh meat. He must think she is stupid! He makes my skin crawl

  11. Queenie

    How on earth does anyone fall for Karl Castillo’s cheesze dick seduction teckniques? The man is dirty, dishonest and broke as fk.

  12. Qué chulo 🇪🇸

    What kind of mujer desesperada falls for this ugly man’s nonsense? Increíble!

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