Karl Rikki Castillo London Scammer. Personal Appointments. Site serves to assist others with DUE DILIGENCE of this man.

Karl Castillo Owner Green Grey Group – An old saying goes something like, “I will pay you back 2% a day… run away”.

Karl has so much crap coming out of his mouth he could give a BJ and call it anal!


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Karl Rikki Castillo was always trying to borrow money from friends around town. He would even go so far as to offer a 50% return if he could just borrow money and repay it in a few weeks.

Of course, we all know this is bullcrap, but if you can help a friend, you will. But know this. Karl is no one’s friend.

Karl was always about to get some big windfall of payment on some big deal: diamond sales, oil and gas sales, property sales, car sales, painting sales, crypto sales, CBD sales, chicken sales, cow sales, olive oil sales… if you can think of it, the chances are Karl has told someone that he will get paid on one of these deals and repay whatever money he owes.

One time I was curious, so I asked Karl to show me what deal he was passionate about getting paid on.

Karl threw out generic terminologies like due diligence and non-disclosure agreements which he seemed genuinely proud of sharing expressions that he thought made him sound knowledgeable.

Not surprisingly, the reality is that Karl could provide no objective evidence of any agreement coming to a conclusion.

Karl even showed me screenshots of bank accounts showing funds in someone else’s name but could not explain how that money was going to magically transfer to his account.

Karl Castillo is dangerous because he believes in his own lies and self-importance, so he is a convincing thief.

Karl Castillo Owner Green Grey Group - An old saying goes something like, "I will pay you back 2% a day... run away".
Karl Castillo Owner Green Grey Group - An old saying goes something like, "I will pay you back 2% a day... run away".
Karl Castillo Owner Green Grey Group - An old saying goes something like, "I will pay you back 2% a day... run away".
Karl Castillo Green Grey London Scammer


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38 responses to “Karl Castillo Owner Green Grey Group – An old saying goes something like, “I will pay you back 2% a day… run away”.”

  1. ewww what a scum bag. i heard stories about Karl castillo owing of friends money. just ask around. i hate manipulative men that steal money from their female friends, or any friends really

    1. The Truth About Karl Castillo

      Karl’s a scrounger. I lost count of the times he put me on the spot asking to borrow £50 for some emergency with his “pay you back next week stories.” At the time, I thought I was doing the right thing by helping out a mate—my mistake. Karl’s a user and can not be trusted to borrow a single penny. He’s aggro! Don’t waste your time.

      1. Stop Thief!

        Introducing the ‘Charitable Bank of YOU’ – where the interest rates are high in drama and the loans to Karl Castillo will never paid back!

  2. Олег

    Парень – пустая трата времени. Он пытался ухватиться за меня как за верного друга. Он просто хотел попытаться занять у меня денег или попросить меня нанять его для консультирования, в котором я не нуждался. Я сказал ему об этом, и он очень рассердился на меня. Он оппортунист, стремящийся к социальному скалолазанию.

  3. Yousef

    كارل هو إحراج. إنه يبحث دائمًا عن يد مجانية. يتظاهر بأنه صديقك لكنه ليس كذلك

  4. Khalil

    كارل كاذب. كوس أوماك حقيقي. لا شيء يقوله هو الحقيقة!. That is Karl Castillo. The first time I met Karl, he seemed fairly trustworthy. He claimed that he had just taken a huge amount of cash and was excited to show me the deal that would make him rich for life. It sounded great at the time and I was happy for him–until it didn't work out like we thought it would be able to; his plan backfired spectacularly! Next thing you know, he's asking me if there is any way that I can lend him some money or give up my car so he could get around town because otherwise "he won't have enough money in order to put food on the table or pay his rent." He really tries to make me feel bad that I don't trust him or what he says to help him any more. And then he got nasty with me. Once it was clear that Karl was a fraud I dropped him like the hottest potato.

  5. Bushey

    Karl has so much crap coming out of his mouth he could give a BJ and call it anal!

    1. Sutton Cold

      ultimate dis! true AF about Karl

    2. Billericay

      I LOL’d when I read this! You so right! 💩

  6. Ghent Ly


  7. MS

    You can include his friend Daragh Geraghty to that list who claims to run T8 Management despite no investing qualifications. Both of them run around London borrowing money off people they know won’t be paid back. Daragh owes considerable amounts of rent to previous landlords, 7k to one of his ‘friends’, 3k to another ‘friend’ and multiple other small borrowings which are never paid back. Don’t trust either of them.

  8. Saint Helier

    I can’t comment on T8 Management’s taint of human being called Daragh Geraghty, but Karl Rikki Castillo is a fraud. If Karlito knows he’s a fraud, then taking peoples money makes him a terrible person. But it’s possible that Karl is a fraud and doesn’t know that he’s a fraud, which makes him a conman and an idiot. Now anyone that reads these pages knows it too.

  9. Dumberton N Clyde

    Ver bum is oot the windae, ye fuckin bampot. Karl Castillo is trying to peddle is crap deals here in the North. He’s a low class scumbag! He will say absolutely anything to try and get ye to invest in one of his bs deals or lend him money.

  10. Babydolls Edinburgh

    Karl Castillo’s unattractive beetroot face matches the crap deals he be tryna sell. Oan yer trolley, yoo fuckn weapon.

    1. The Scots Man

      Och!! This Karl is garbage

  11. Łódź Best CBD 🇵🇱

    To my dear colleagues in the hemp business. Do not waste your time with this guy. Karl Castillo will string you along with promises and suck the life energies out of you. Karlito (as he says he likes to be called) talks like he is a Bigshots player in selling CBD but really he’s just trying to play you while he plays with his own ego. Karl Castillo can’t do anything he says and his promises are worthless.

  12. Sam Abdul 🇴🇲

    Karl Castillo is a lying sack of excrement. He was buzzing around me like a fly on sh*t, pretending to be my friend while trying to get to me invest in one of his imaginary schemes. He also asked me several times to lend him several thousand pounds to cover him until “next week.” My alarm bells went off, and I told him no and that I wasn’t comfortable having these conversations with him any longer and cut off communications with him. I later found out he ran this same bs with a wealthy friend, and after years of dumb excuses, Karl never paid him back. Lucky to be rid of Karl the Ratta Castillo.

    1. Cairo King 🇪🇬

      Karl is a conman! Ya gazma!

  13. Simon Says

    Karl Castillo is the biggest dishonest DBAG you will ever meet. I have lost track of the number of times he said to friends or me, “Bro, they blocked my card. Can I borrow some cash? Will give it back when we get home.” Karlito has never repaid any cash that he has borrowed from friends. He knows how to pull on the heartstrings of wealthy friends he has befriended (and lost), but I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, and even that’s generous.

  14. K upon Hull

    Karlito “Karl Castillo” lies more than a fake guru desperate to pay rent. It is no secret that Karl has ripped off so many people he befriended and strung them along with countless broken promises of repayment. If you have any sense you will have nothing to do with this conman.

  15. Fake Flexer

    Karl Castillo. King of fake flexin’. The cars are borrowed for a few hours. The watches are fake. And the get rich quick schemes he’s singing are imaginary.

  16. Züri 🇨🇭

    Glad I just googled this clown “Karl Castillo London”. Der Gauner! Shyster! Thanks for posting. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Danke schön!

  17. Les Parisiens 🇫🇷

    Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperies de connards d’enculé de ta mère. This gem sums up the low grade trash that is all that Karl Castillo represents.

  18. Burgplatz 🇩🇪

    Karl Castillo redet zu viel über nichts. Er ist das, was wir einen stinkenden Stiefelgeplapper nennen.

  19. Seminole Coconuts 🇺🇸

    Karl Castillo’s entire (pretend) professional career is a web of lies. He has the worst reputation for (trying to) con people. It’s all made-up stories woven together. Karl will do anything to convince you to lend or invest money in his fictitious business deals. Karl has spoofed emails, text messages, bank statements, contracts and offered sky-high repayment terms on the empty promise of repayment’ next week’. Karlito has even had associates pretend to be African kings, Libyan oil tycoons, or property investors, hoping that you will be sufficiently convinced to send him some money. Karl can not support anything he claims if you ever scratch below the surface. When you point out the inconsistencies in his tales, London’s Karl Castillo will get upset with you for digging deeper, claiming someone screwed him over and that they are the bad guys, not him. Don’t be fooled.

  20. Dale Potter 🍑

    Anyone who has the misfortune of coming into contact with this conman Karl Castillo from London, beware

  21. Millwall Lion

    Don’t believe a word Karl Castillo says. He is a swindler that is consciously aware that he is trying to trick you. He can not pretend he doesn’t know. He’s a desperate man that will say anything he can to manipulate you into either lending him money or being stupid enough to advance him money for one of his fictitious pie in the sky deals that will never happen. If you don’t believe me, ask him for proof that he has closed even one of his fake deals. If he sends you any paperwork, be very suspicious. My experience was that the paperwork he sent me had been doctored and never even had his name on it.

    1. bagh daddy kane 🇮🇶

      Shukran my friend. We have noted this.

  22. Chertsey Courtesy


  23. Ding Wall


  24. Don Basil

    So many people saying similar things. They can’t all be wrong

  25. Mel Bourne

    Yuck! Makes my skin crawl to think about this liar

  26. New Providence Nassau

    Karl Castillo is a London scammer so illiterate that he thinks people are asking him for a scanner.

  27. Wasteman 🇯🇲

    Yuh seet! He a bumbaclot wasteman

  28. Sunderland’s son

    Happy birthday Karl Castillo. June 19. The biggest dirt bag I have had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting.

  29. Dumb Nuts

    Good luck sifting thru the swamp of verbal diarrhea of promises Karl Rikki Castillo will never keep. He’s a thieving git!

  30. Ted Ting Ton

    Raasclaat Karl! Why you get caught tea leafing like dis?

  31. If anyone is interested in locating this dirtbag individual, it appears that he is still associated with a company registered in Malta, operating under the name HIBACA LTD. Interestingly, he and his accomplices also registered a company with the same name in the United Kingdom (now dissolved). For further information, including passport numbers and his last known registered address in Richmond, you can visit the following link:
    Malta Business Registry: https://registry.mbr.mt/ROC/index.jsp#/ROC/companyDetailsRO.do?action=companyDetails&companyId=C%2089760
    Name: HIBACA LTD
    Registration Code: C 89760
    Date of Establishment: 2018-12-06
    Address: 15, GROGNET STREET
    City: MOSTA MST 3613
    Country: Malta

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