Karl Rikki Castillo London Scammer. Personal Appointments. Site serves to assist others with DUE DILIGENCE of this man.

SCAMMER ALERT! VIDEO. Karl Rikki CASTILLO – Personal Appointments – Small Time Conman BEWARE – London SW20

Do not give this man your money! Who is Karl Castillo? A small time, name dropping, scammer from London.

If you are a victim of Karl Rikki Castillo, aka Karlito Castillo, born in June 1968, you are not alone. Company aliases: Hibaca Ltd, Green Global, Green Grey Consulting Ltd., Princypia Ltd. and others.

If Karl Castillo has taken your money, bounced a check on you, tried to scam you, or owes you tens of thousands of pounds in rent, or if you have any questions or if you have any information you think might help please get in touch with us by commenting in any of the posts and let us help you tell your story. 

Karl Castillo Makes Love to the Camera
Tinder Gold


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