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Tell-tale signs that Karl Castillo is trying to scam you: Forced teaming

You can clearly identify “forced teaming” because Karl Castillo will try to conjure shared experiences with you where none exists.

Karl does this by using the pronouns “we” and “us” in phrases like “Now we’ve done it” or “We’re on the same team.”

Forced teaming is a pretty sophisticated manipulation technique used by dishonest people, and a technique that Karl Rikki Castillo uses often. Conman use this technique to get closer to their victims by creating the illusion that they’re both in the same boat.

It works because honest people are often reluctant to object to forced teaming because it’s difficult to do without seeming rude or going against social politeness. This only adds to the dishonest person’s advantage.

Watch out for this next time Karl Castillo tries to endear himself to you.

If you want to confirm you’re not crazy. Just ask Karl Castillo these simple questions.

If you find yourself impressed by the get rich quick stories that Karl Castillo tells you, stop and pause.

Are you feeling pressured into lending Karl money? Or has Karl talked you into wasting your valuable professional time helping kosher up one of his pie in the sky deals?

Well, don’t worry. Here are some simple questions you can ask Karl Castillo to help put your mind at ease.

Question: Mr Karl. Well done. If you have completed these deals did you get paid?

Answer:     This is where Karl Castillo’s storytelling will get interesting. Mr Karl will not be able to provide you with any evidence that he has ever been paid for any of these deals. He will however be able to show you lots of irrelevant WhatsApp messages that Karl will try to use to demonstrate his importance in the deals he is trying to convince you about.

A favourite tact is that Karl will tell you he is waiting to get paid on the deal you are questioning him about.

Another favourite routine is that Karl Castillo will blame some unsuspecting fellow with a Middle Eastern sounding name and tell you this man or woman is being shady and trying to rip him off.

If you press Karl you will discover that Karl hardly knows this person and when you add up the pieces of the puzzle it will sound like Karl met this person randomly at a hotel bar in Mayfair and there is no real connection at all.

The sad irony is that sometimes it turns out that Karl is trying to con another conman who has told Karl he is a big time investor and the story will go in circles about who owes who money. Don’t buy the story. It’s a red herring to distract you from his real purpose of grifting from you somehow.

Another favourite excuse is that Karl will tell you that he can’t prove he was paid because he was paid through another company or offshore entity that is not in his name that he doesn’t want to disclose.

Karl will tell you he has money in offshore bank accounts in UAE and Singapore. Maybe he does. Most likely he doesn’t. If he did, he would not be broke. To convince you of this Karl Castillo will even show you screenshots of bank statements that don’t belong to him.  Buyer beware. Do not rely on any information Karl shares with you unless you want to be made to look a fool.

Question:    Mr Karl. Do you own any part of the deal you are telling me about?

Answer:     Karl Castillo will no doubt share loads of details such as letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements (a favourite buzz word of Karl’s), proof of funds, and even bank statements (that are not his).

When you dig deeper it will be clear that none of the details that Karl has shared have anything to do with him at all.

You will quickly discover that here is no real binding contract or proof that the deal Karl Castillo is so excited about is even bankable or real.

When pushed, if Karl does share proof of funds (another favourite buzzword of his), question that too as its all too likely to be photoshopped or have nothing to do with the transaction that Karl is trying to leverage you with.

Karl will dismiss the obvious issue that none of these papers belong to Karl Castillo or any Company that Karl is involved with. He will tell you it’s none of your business. but then why did he show you so many irrelevant details in the first place? The answer is simple. Karl is trying to con you.

Karlito will insist that these deals are his and if it wasn’t for him there would be no deal. This of course is a figment of Karl’s imagination and delusions of grandeur.

On the outside chance there is a deal you will recognise that Karl Castillo is not a principle in the deal, even if he tells you he is.

At best Karl Castillo’s association to the deal is that he is little more than a non-important cog in the wheel of brokers-to-brokers-to-yet-more-brokers each trying to get commission on a deal that will not close.

In other words, good luck if you are relying in any way on Karl Castillo making any payment to you based on whatever pending deal Karl is telling you about. It won’t happen.

Best advice, smile and enjoy the stories that Karl tells you.

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  1. Graham

    LOL, this sounds like Karl. The fake "we are a team" and "I got your back" lines from Karl are meaningless but repeated by him often. He's a desperate man that will say anything if he thinks you might lend him some money. He will pay you back next week. With interest. yeah right!

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