Karl Rikki Castillo London Scammer. Personal Appointments. Site serves to assist others with DUE DILIGENCE of this man.

Tell-tale signs that Karl Castillo is trying to scam you: Too Many Details

If you have spent any time around Karl Rikki Castillo you will recognise immediately Karl will try to overwhelm you with too many details to support whatever story he is trying to convince you of.

Every con, big or small, relies on one thing: distracting you from the obvious. One of the most obvious facts in a questionable situation is when a would be conman shares too many details with their victims about false experiences.

Karl Castillo does this by telling you about his many high net deals and associates in order to distract you, his would be victim, from the obvious fact that Karl’s business story is just that, a made-up story.

Karl Castillo is often so convincing that his victims believe that Karl really believes the lies he tells and will get upset if you question him about it.

The reason conmen give too many details is a telling sign of their malintent – harmful intentions.

When people are telling the truth, they don’t feel doubted, so they don’t feel the need for additional support in the form of details.

When people lie, however, even if what they say sounds credible to you, it doesn’t sound credible to them, so they keep talking.

Sit back and listen to the stories Karl Castillo tells you and this will be all too familiar.

Beware of Karl Rikki Castillo!

Karl RIkki Castillo Personal Appointments Owner Green Grey London Scammer
Karl Castillo’s associate in another failed scam


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