Karl Rikki Castillo London Scammer. Personal Appointments. Site serves to assist others with DUE DILIGENCE of this man.

Tell-tale signs that Karl Castillo is trying to scam you: Type Casting

Typecasting is a conmen’s trick of convincing their victim that they are something different. They will do this by changing the way they dress, talk or behave.

The witness of great personality change in Karl is often proof enough for the victim to believe it is real. The typecasting can have dramatic effects on how people treat one another creating an opportunity for abuse.

Typecasting is a technique con artists generally use to get someone’s full attention.

It always involves a slight insult, also known as a neg, that is easy to dismiss.

For example, Karl Castillo might type cast by telling a woman at a bar that she’s probably too snobbish to talk to him. She could easily prove him wrong by sparking a conversation, but the best defence against typecasting is to ignore the remark entirely because acknowledging it is exactly what the type caster wants.

Be aware. Stay clear of Karl Rikki Castillo. 

Karl Rikki Castillo Personal Appointments London Scammer Green Grey Group Hibaca
Karl Castillo London social climber by conning unsuspecting publicists that arrange social events that he is more connected than he is.


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