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Tell-tale signs that Karl Castillo is trying to scam you: Unsolicited Promises

Karl Castillo frequently offers promises of payment that Karl is unable to keep.

Unsolicited promises are a regular go to technique for Karl Rikki Castillo.

Karl may believe it but these promises are make believe and he will not and can not keep any promises. Karl is a compulsive liar seeking to impress anyone naive enough to hear him out.

Beware of any photos of Karl Castillo looking like he is living large and in charge. They are not what they seek. 

Karl Castillo likes to promise future good times and adventures of living the high life of other people’s luxury yachts and homes.

Karl Castillo is all about flossing with other people’s money. Any photos of Karl is luxury cars are not his. He is not even the cleaner. Just call me David for VIP car rentals. No drivers license necessary.

If you’re still unsure about Karl Castillo just ask him for some references.  Karl might go big and tell you to call the Duchess of York or her sister Libby Ferguson. If you do end up speaking with Libby, no doubt because Karl has told her he wants her to represent him on a big deal and share the fees, just ask Libby if she has ever made any money from all the time she has wasted listening to Karl Castillo’s get rich quick schemes.

It would not surprise me if Libby Ferguson will tell you politely that Karl is a nice guy with big dreams but read between the lines and she will confirm that Karl Castillo is a time waster. 

It is possible however that Karl Castillo has introduced some very shady overseas people claiming to represent embassy funds or royal family funds. They were liars but Karl introduced them to Libby as his ‘good friends’ without qualifying them even though he hardly knew them, because Karl wanted to believe he might get a commission on a deal somewhere, and these people needed representation and the added credibility of someone like Libby to try leverage deals they could not fund. If you ask Libby she will probably tell you these people were not what they claimed to be and she has no association with them.

To sum up, always be suspicious of a man like Karl Rikki Castillo who says “I promise.” 

Promises are very hollow instruments of speech because they do nothing more than reveal someone’s attempt to convince you of something.

Whenever a would be con man like Karl Castillo gives you an unsolicited promise, defend yourself by thinking: “You’re right, I am hesitant about trusting you, and maybe with good reason. Thank you for pointing it out”.

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Karl Castillo crashes photo with Stephanie Ashton Daragh Geraghty at tatler magazine party 27apr15
Karl networking at some social event in london that he wormed his way into under the pretense of bringing high net worth friends or clients that would donate to the charity but never did


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2 responses to “Tell-tale signs that Karl Castillo is trying to scam you: Unsolicited Promises”

  1. Dave

    Please lend me some money. I promise to pay you back next week hahahaha nice one Karl

  2. Josephine Head of Compliance

    This guy is a clown. Karl wasted so much of my time that I was determined to keep putting in more time to try and recoup my losses. He even convinced me to go with him to some meetings and pretend to be Josephine, his company’s "head of compliance" for people he told me were investing in a seven-figure sugar deal he had put together and that me playing a role would help him legitimize the sale and close it. It was complete nonsense, of course. I don't know why I went with him to these meetings, but it was soon apparent that it was all a scam. I distanced myself from Karl pretty darn quickly once I saw that trying to deceive people by acting out fictitious professional roles like in some real-life movie con was Karl Castillo's daily routine.

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